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Alay Bazaar or Oloy market is one of the oldest Bazaars in Tashkent. The bazaar saw trade caravans passing through it over the century to China, India, Europe and Middle East. It played a role of cultural center and social center for locals of Uzbekistan and visitors where people gathered to share and collect news about like in other countries. Today we will visit the biggest eastern market, Chorsu bazaar in Tashkent. Uzbekistan is famous for its eastern markets. Chorsu Bazaar also called charsu bazaar, is the traditional bazaar located in the center of the old town of Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. Mar 08, · Yangiabad bazaar only opens Saturday and Sunday. Bus # 26 runs here from the Toshkent metro stop. A taxi will cost around 8000 sum. Other bazaars Alay bazaar. Alay bazaar is another big produce market in Tashkent. Centrally located, it’ s more upmarket than the other bazaars: quality produce, higher prices and soft- sell sales tactics. The Bazaar is hundreds years old.

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    Tashkent bazaar uzbekistan

    Nov 19, · Alai or also known as Oloy and Alaysky bazar is one of the oldest and famous bazaars of Tashkent. The name “ Alaysky” comes from the name of the mountain “ Oloy”. The history of the Alai bazaar begins in those distant times when the Great Silk Road passed through the territory of Central Asia. The bazaar has been recently restored and reopened. My whirlwind time in Tashkent, Uzbekistan continued with an unforgettable Uzbekistan street food tour of Chorsu Bazaar, where I tried. Tashkent may not have too much physical legacy of the Silk Road these days, with most of the old town around Chorsu Bazaar destroyed during the. May 02, · Tashkent may not have too much physical legacy of the Silk Road these days, with most of the old town around Chorsu Bazaar destroyed during the 1966 earthquake, and replaced by the Soviet ideal of a perfect city. But when you come here you are reminded that this has been the land of traders for centuries. Book your Hotel in Tashkent online. No reservation costs. According to Tripadvisor travelers, these are the best ways to experience Chorsu Bazaar: Tashkent City Tour ( From $ 49. 00) Tashkent Walking Tour ( From $ 35. 90) 8 Days Uzbekistan Tour - 4 Gems Of Uzbekistan ( From $ 1, 557.

    Day Tour: Magical Cities of Uzbekistan! Discover The Great Silk Road with us! 72 Amir Temur St. , Yunus Abad district. Tashkent Uzbekistan Open: every day. This is the most famous and biggest one for vegetables and fruit; meat and fish. Meat might not be cut the way you are used to and may be it is not safe in summer. The quality of the products is good. It is in the city center and easy to find. Da kann kein anderer Basar im feineren Umkreis mithalten. Ein Besuch ist Pflichtprogramm für den Taschkent Aufenthalt. Fleisch, Käse sowie Obst & Gemüse,.

    Chorsu bazaar, Tashkent' s best- known market, is impressive both inside and out. Like a Pantheon for vegetables, its enormous aquamarine.