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May 17, · The elusive China- Kyrgyzstan- Uzbekistan railway project has been spoken about since before Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled his grand vision for the Belt and Road Initiative. The opportunities are enticing. The route, which has been referred to by the acronym CKU, could provide valuable outlets to the Persian Gulf and Turkey, via the Caucasus. The China- Kyrgyzstan- Uzbekistan International Highway is a transport corridor centered on Kyrgyzstan. It is envisioned to " interlink Pakistan, China and. Jan 13, · The China- Kyrgyzstan- Uzbekistan railway ( CKU) has been under discussion for almost 25 years, but construction may never begin. Despite numerous high level meetings the three countries have failed to reach a consensus on the route, railway tracks and sources of funding, as well as to address ecological, geopolitical and national security concerns. Uzbekistan is already connected to Turkmenistan and Iran, and once the Kyrgyz section of the railway is completed, the CKU railway will become. Will the Kashgar- Kashgar railroad go through Kyrgyzstan? Will the China- Kyrgyzstan- U Uzbekistan railway ever be built?

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    While the transportation corridor presents new transit opportunities to the participants, it is also a reminder that the railroad coveted by Tashkent through Kyrgyzstan is nowhere close to reality. The proposal to connect the three countries by railroad first appeared in the mid- 1990s. The train is expected to carry consumer goods from China to Central Asia and take food produce and minerals from Kyrgyzstan back to China. The China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan railway could potentially be the key piece in the central route connecting China with Iran- Turkey- Europe;. The China- Kyrgyzstan- Uzbekistan ( CKU) railway project aimed to link Beijing with Central Asia is among China' s main transportation policy priorities in the. Jun 29, · But Mingbulak is located in Uzbekistan' s Namangan Province, as is the Pap railway station that is on the CKU railway line. And assuming Kyrgyzstan can convince China, Uzbekistan, and whoever might. But Kalilov said Kyrgyzstan was exerting " all efforts so that the railroad goes through the pass at Torugart, " which would run some 165 kilometers north from Kashgar before turning west into Kyrgyzstan and head toward Uzbekistan. THE CHINA- KYRGYZSTAN- UZBEKISTAN RAILWAY PROJECT. China is proposing to build a new rail link from its western Xinjiang region to Uzbekistan. Is Tashkent’ s railroad to Kyrgyzstan close to reality?

    In fact, a commercially viable – and used – route already exists – the China- Kyrgyzstan- Uzbekistan ( CKU) railway is open for business and the. From Kashgar, the goods were loaded onto trucks for the journey westward across Kyrgyzstan to the city of Osh, where they were reloaded onto a. China is also interested in having the railroad through Kyrgyzstan and has been negotiating throughout the years to fund the project. In, Beijing proposed to Bishkek a loan of $ 6 billion for the construction of the project, but it became entangled again in domestic politics over the fear a “ debt trap. Will China’ s railroad through Kyrgyzstan be a ‘ debt trap?