Uzbekistan climate

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Uzbekistan climate is dictated by its double landlocked geographical location. Length of the day in summer is about 15 hours in the winter - at least nine. The coldest month is January. The temperature drops in the north to 8 C and below, and the extreme south, near the town of Termez, it is above zero. In Uzbekistan, the climate is arid continental in the vast steppe plains of the central- western part, while it' s still continental but moderately rainy ( and. Uzbekistan has an extreme continental climate. It is generally warmest in the south and coldest in the north. Temperatures in December average - 8° C ( 18° F) in the north and 0° C ( 32 ° F) in the south. However, extreme fluctuations can take temperatures as low as - 35° C ( - 31° F). During the summer temperatures can reach 45° C ( 113° F) and above. In Tashkent, the summers are hot, arid, and clear and the winters are very cold, snowy, and partly cloudy.

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    Uzbekistan climate

    Uzbekistan' s climate is classified as continental, with hot summers and. See full list on advantour. Uzbekistan ( UK: / ʊzˌbɛkɪˈstɑːn, ʌz-, - ˈstæn/, US: / ʊzˈbɛkɪstæn, - stɑːn/ ; Uzbek: Oʻzbekiston,. The climate in Uzbekistan is continental, with little precipitation. Uzbekistan has different arid climates, such as the cold desert climate and a cold steppe climate. In the northeast, where the amounts of precipitation are. Summer, from June to August, is sunny and hot, with highs generally around 35/ 36 ° C ( 95/ 97 ° F) in July and August, but with peaks above 40 ° C ( 104 ° F). Here are the average temperatures of Tashkent. Precipitation, about 415 mm ( 16. 5 in) per year, occurs mostly from November to May, while in summer, it almost never rains. Climate in Uzbekistan is extreme continental. It is expressed in sharp amplitudes of day and night, as well as, summer and winter temperatures. Summers are long, hot and dry, with an average monthly temperature of 27. 2° C in the hottest month ( July), and with an average daily maximum of 35° C in many of. Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan, is a doubly landlocked country in Central Asia.

    It is surrounded by five landlocked countries: Kazakhstan to the north; Kyrgyzstan to the northeast; Tajikistan to the southeast; Afghanistan to the. The climate is continental: dry, with cold winters and hot summers. The hottest period is July and the coldest period is January. In main parts of the country it warms up around + 37. + 41 degrees, and at nights it cools down + 20. In winter usually it is 0 degrees during a day and - 8. - 10 degrees at nights.