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From the name of feast given in honour of a newborn baby, alternatively from the Uzbek aqiq meaning " carnelian" or " red, crimson". Abdul m Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Uzbek, Bengali, Indonesian, Malay First part of compound Arabic names beginning with عبد ال ( ' Abd al) meaning. Category: Uzbek male given names · Javlonbek · Bekzod · Erkinbek · Oybek · Islom · Azizbek · Ruslan · Yoqub. This evocative name, which was once used for sensual characters from the East, is one of the most popular names of Uzbekistan. Zara means ‘ princess’. Zarina: This Persian origin name Zarina, meaning ‘ a golden vessel’, is just perfect for our little czarina. Did you know that Uzbeks borrow Indian names? Speakers: 20 million in Uzbekistan. Carding/ Style: SURNAME, Given Name. If there is a patronymic ( derived from father' s given name), it is placed after the. Such names include Ivan ( Иван, " John" ), Andrei ( Андрей, " Andrew" ), Yakov ( Яков, " Jacob" ), Yuri ( Юрий, " George" ), Tatyana ( Татьяна, " Tatiana" ),. Apr 25, · Here we have shared some of the best cool and catchy Uzbek names: Adalat Hilolova. Durdona Bakirova. Inoyat Tursunova. Zulayho Dehoanova.

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    It means ‘ moon’. Larisa: This moniker is a Greek nymph is used widely in Russia, from where it transported to Uzbekistan. Uzbek names are influenced by Russian culture as well. Surnames usually follow the patronymic system of Russia, in which the surname is the name of the child' s father with a suffix indicating gender. How many Uzbek names does this name generator give? First names from around the World. Top 500 girl names from Uzbekistan 76 names have been registered. What is the origin of the Uzbek surname? Mar 11, · Such names include Ivan ( Иван, " John" ), Andrei ( Андрей, " Andrew" ), Yakov ( Яков, " Jacob" ), Yuri ( Юрий, " George" ), Tatyana ( Татьяна, " Tatiana" ), Maria ( Мария, " Mary" ), Avdotia ( Авдотья, " Eudocia" ), Elizaveta ( Елизавета, " Elizabeth" ). Most Popular First Names In Uzbekistan. Forebears knows about 46, 240 unique forenames in Uzbekistan and there are 665 people per name. ) This name generator will give you 10 random Uzbek names.

    Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia, neighbored by, among others, Afghanistan in the south and Kazakhstan in the north. Category: Uzbek given names · Shahlo · Gulnora · Shohjahon · Javlonbek · Jaloliddin · Bekzod · Erkinbek · Jamshid. What is the most popular name in Uzbekistan? Abdulaziz: This traditional Muslim name in modern usage means ' servant of the Almighty'. Adam: The Biblical name,. Uzbek Personal Names. January ; In book: The Onomastic Treasure of the CIA ( pp. Location: Centered in Uzbekistan, one of the Central Asian Republics. Bounded by Turkmenistan and. From Uzbek and Tajik sher meaning " lion" ( of Persian origin) combined with the name Ali 1. Sherzod m Uzbek, Tajik.

    Means " son of the lion", derived from Persian شیر ( sher) meaning " lion" and the suffix زاد ( zad) meaning " son of". Shuhrat m Uzbek, Tajik.