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There is a concept of " alternative" i n our language, whic h is derived from Arabic. In the past, t he word. " equivalent" was used instead. With the advent of the Uzbek- Russian dictionary in 1959. Have breakfast yourself; share lunch with your friend; and give dinner to your enemy. Don’ t choose a house— choose neighbors. Don’ t choose a path— choose traveling companions. Where there is water, there is life. A word said is a shot fired. He who possesses knowledge possesses the world. Abstract As proverbs are the part of national heritage and they have an affective role in human life, people continue learning and using them in different life situations.

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    Translation method of English and Uzbek proverbs on topic « Man and his character». Check ' proverb' translations into Uzbek. Look through examples of proverb translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Uzbek form: “ Yalqovga eshik ostonasi ham tog` tepasidek ko` rinadi”. English form: “ For the lazy man a threshold becomes a mountain pass”. Oct 29, · It is difficult to compare the peoples of Central Asia with the peoples of Europe. They have no nationality, no way of life, no beliefs, no language. In general, it is impossible to compare the peoples of the world who live far away from each other. In particular, the Uzbek people have almost nothing to do with the British people. by Paul Rosenzweig, and The Oxford Dictionary of English Proverbs ( 1970), ed. The analyses of proverbs showed that, the. Termiz, Uzbekistan. Annotation: This article deals with the translation problem of proverbs about “ friendship” from English into Uzbek language. proverb in Uzbek - English- Uzbek Dictionary | Glosbe proverb verb noun A phrase expressing a basic truth which may be applied to common situations. + 10 definitions translations proverb Add maqol GlosbeResearch Maqol en saying that gives advice, usually as a metaphor wikidata masal en phrase expressing a basic truth enwiktionary- - 09.

    12) Riddles, proverbs, and sayings that describe proper behavior for both young. Meaning and definitions of proverb, translation in Uzbek language for. Descriptive analysis revealed that one out of nine proverbs could not be translated word- for- word. Nevertheless, eight English proverbs were translated successfully into Uzbek, which means untranslatable or translatable of proverbs depend on availability of some notions in two languages. Uzbek version: Chalasavod — chirik rabot. • English: Better die a beggar than live a beggar. • Uzbek translation: Kambag' al bo' lib yashagandan kambag.