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Pakistan: ايمان، اتحاد، نظم ( Iman, Ittihad, Nazm) ( Urdu: " Faith, unity, discipline" ). Uzbekistan legalized the design of its new national flag on November 18, 1991. More than 200 proposals had been submitted in a flag design contest; the winning pattern had five unequal horizontal stripes, as in the flag adopted in 1952 when the country was known as the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. The former flag’ s horizontal stripes of red- blue- red with white fimbriations symbolized communism and the water that allowed for cotton and other agricultural produce. What are the national symbols of Uzbekistan? The red color, sickle, hammer, and star are all Soviet Union’ s symbols; while the blue color represented the sky; the white border color represented the cotton industry. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the independence of Uzbekistan, a national contest was held to chose the flag design. The flag of Uzbekistan landscapes various colors. There is a flat triband of blue, white and green. The blue band signifies both the sky and water. The white is illustrative of purity and peace. The green color represented nature and fertility, and it is also a color of Islam. The Flag of Uzbekistan also landscapes thin white bands that surround the white stripe.

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