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CLIMATE RISK IN UZBEKISTAN: COUNTRY RISK PROFILE | 2. can be broadly divided into two climatic zones: the desert and steppe climate in the western two. The eastern part of Uzbekistan is home to several mountain ranges, such as the Pamir- Alaj, where the highest mountain in the country is found, Khazret Sultan, 4, 643 meters ( 15, 233 feet) high. Large parts of the country ( 79% by area) feature flat topography either in the form of semi- desert steppes or desert zones, including desert areas in the far west that have formed as a result of the drying of the Aral Sea. Uzbekistan has an extreme continental climate. It is generally warmest in the south and coldest in the north. Temperatures in December average - 8° C ( 18° F). Official name: Republic of Uzbekistan: Capital: Tashkent ( Toshkent) Area: total: 447, 400 sq km water: 22, 000 sq km land: 425, 400 sq km: Climate: mostly midlatitude. What are the adaptation priorities in Uzbekistan? This page presents high- level information for Uzbekistan' s climate zones and its seasonal cycle for mean temperature and precipitation for the latest. Uzbekistan' s climate is arid continental. The northern region of Uzbekistan is temperate, whilst the southern region is subtropical. Climate zone: The northern part of Uzbekistan is located in the temperate climatic zone, while the southern part is subtropical. The climate in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan map of Köppen climate classification zones.

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    The climate in Uzbekistan is quite varied, but generally does not offer extreme climatic conditions. It is cold, wet and some nice summer months are also present. Uzbekistan is divided into 14 climatic regions by meteorological fluctuations ( Figure 1) [ 17]. The Ustyurt, Northern Kyzylkum, Central Kyzylkum,. Uzbekistan Climatic Classifications · Climate Uzbekistan: Weather by month · Uzbekistan Climate Graph · Uzbekistan' s Cities by Temperature · States/ Regions · Popular. What is the population of Uzbekistan in? What are the major mountain ranges in Uzbekistan? Jizzakh Samarkand Tashkent Tashkent City. The remaining south- eastern areas have a continental climate, including the area covering the largest cities of Tashkent and Samarkand, and contain high mountains forming part of the Tien- Shan and Gissar- Alai Ranges.